Apr 25, 2013


Feeling pretty lucky today.

I've successfully coerced my ultra lovely and talented sister Caley into becoming a full fledged Bliss From Scratch contributor.  She's an amazing and instinctive home cook extraordinaire, in fact, our tastes are so well matched that I'm certain our recipes will blend seamlessly.

Additionally we'll be posting with more frequency, and I'm quite beside myself in anticipation of all of her forthcoming drool-worthy offerings.  Stay tuned.

And without further ado, here she is:


My name is Caley, and I love to be busy.  I used to be "busy" chasing the soccer ball at indoor soccer fields and my education at Boise State.  But, I have since graduated with a B.A. in Public Relations and M.A. in motherhood.  The latter being my profession of choice.

I have one daughter, who more than lives up to the red-head stereotype.  My little ginger snap is a bright little firecracker.

I love to cook and enjoy finally having the time to do it!  Believe me, my husband is just as happy about it.  I love fresh clean food that doesn't make me regret eating it.  I enjoy good authentic food... and coconut.

So enjoy the scrumptious new additions I'll help bring to your table!


(this girl is the spunky, life-of-the-party, comedian of the family, you'll love her!)

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  1. Oh my gosh!! I'm so excited TIaNN found another contributor to this blog. I mean come on already!! One or two posts a month?! That just was not enough for me to be able to mix with my regular recipes. And this new girl.... Lets hope she a bit more regular at posting. Don't get me wrong, I Love BFS ( blissfrom....) but what I really need is dedication. Without it, my family suffers from an overload of quesidillas, tacos, girled cheese :) , and anything with spinach. Needless to say we have lots and lots of tears come dinner time. So keep up the good work gals, cause I know where you live- no pressure!!! Love ya-


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